Service center
Maintenance of the breathalyzer is carried out in order to ensure continuous serviceability and readiness for use. All devices manufactured by ARIDES LLC are sold with factory calibration, produced on special equipment.

While operating, the alcohol-sensitive sensor of the Product wears out, which leads to a gradual increase in the measurement error. To restore accuracy, it is necessary to adjust the Device from time to time in a specialized service center. The frequency of maintenance depends mainly on the intensity of use of the Product and on the type of sensor.

ARIDES LLC recommends carrying out maintenance and repair of breathalyzers in authorized service centers.

"SANT" MPI, Moscow
Address: 125362, Moscow, Svobody (Freedom) str., house No 35, bld. 5, 1st floor, room I
Tel: +7(495) 150-20-52, +7(499) 130-07-47.
E-mail: 1@alcomet.ru
Working hours: Monday-Friday 9:00-17:30
“SIMS-2” LLC, Moscow
Address: 125430, Moscow, Mitinskaya str. 16, fl.10, apt. 1012B, room.15-18
Tel: +7(495)792-31-90, free call in Russia: 8-800-200-31-90
E-mail: info@sims2.ru; info@alcotester.ru
Working hours: Monday-Friday 9:00-17:30
"Keragon" LLC, Sofia
Address: 1606 Sofia, Bulgaria, 20 April No13 str., 3rd floor
Tel: +359 2 411 4081, +359 878 762 378
E-mail: support@alcotester.bg, office@keragon.eu
"Arides" LLC,Yerevan
Address: Yerevan, 111 Raffi str.
Tel: +374 60 52 99 50
E-mail: info@arides.am
Working hours: Monday-Friday 9:00-18:00
"MobilProfRemont" PUE, Polotsk
Address: Belarus, 211415, Vitebskaya region, Polotsk, 14 Franciska Skoriny ave.
Tel: +375447200931, mobile +375214430202 add 2.
E-mail: info@malidi.by
www.malidi.by; алкотестер.бел
Working hours: Monday-Friday 9:00-17:00.
"CBRN centre" LLP
Address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan (Astana), 19 Amangeltsi Imanova str., office in MFK "Delovoy Dom Alma-Ata" 502 i
Tel: +7 701 101 79 99; +7 701 720 19 02; +7 702 513 56 69
E-mail: cbrncentre@gmail.com; cbrncentre@mail.ru
Do breathalyzers for entrance require maintenance, what is it and how often is it carried out?
The device sensor (electrochemical sensor), sensitive to alcohol vapors, wears out during operation, and therefore the measurement error gradually accumulates. To restore the measurement accuracy, it is necessary to periodically manage the device settings. The manufacturer recommends a service interval of 5000 tests or 6 months (whichever comes first). In addition, Dingo B-01 entered in the register of measuring instruments is subject to verification after adjustment.

To successfully solve the problem of routine maintenance, the devices implement the principle of a replaceable sensor unit - the user can replace a unit with a worn-out sensor with a new one with factory calibration and continue working. The removed unit, in turn, can be calibrated in a specialized service center and used for further "castling". If there are a lot of devices (more than 10) and there are trained technical personnel, it makes sense to organize the calibration of the devices on your own - for this you need to purchase a gas mixture generator - an Alcosim calibrator and standard ethanol solutions.

With which access control systems (ACS) has already been carried out the integration of breathalyzers Dingo B-01 / B-02?
At the moment, the integration of devices with the following ACS has been carried out: Perco, Parsec, Sphinx (Sigur), RusGuard, Prosoft Biometrics, Reverse 8000.
Where can I be provided technical maintenance?
For technical maintenance, please contact the regional representative of Arides LLC.
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